Determination Is The Key

crusades_celestial_lightThere is nothing that cannot be overcome when dauntless determination sets the pace. There is nothing worth having that does not require the driving thrust of a determined will to make possible the attainment.

Every stride of effort made against the strengthening Grace of resistance brings a higher understanding of the true value within every inch of ground that has been gained.

The greater the resistance the greater the gift of understanding. The greater the suffering the greater the knowledge of how to bring forth a solution that will end the suffering of others.

There is nothing that is ever truly lost if one refuses to give up the effort to succeed.

Even unto the last breath, never, never, never forget to accept that you are now and have always been a child of God. Thou art destined to become a beloved Son with whom the Father is well pleased.

So Be It. In the Lord Christ Jesus’ Name, we will love each other as you have loved us and by that obedience we will be forgiven. Insha’Allah-God’s Will Be Done. Amen


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