The Whole Truth

The best thing about doing this blog is that nobody is going to believe a freaking word that I write. Very liberating. Or, they’ll just think I’m full of She-It. Also very liberating.

Well, sort of. Actually, it will help me to get over caring what everyone thinks. Maybe. Truthfully, that has been at the root of my worst mistakes. Honest.

Well…that and unadulterated arrogance. But, nobody’s perfect.

Either way, it’ll be a total challenge to really write exactly what’s going on. This comes from the person who has for the last 25 years subconsciously edited everything she’s written in private journals.

After all, someone might actually see that stuff someday (isn’t that whole point!). But, after I’m long gone of course! Or, been put into looney-toon lock-down. If only

But, now (thank you, Father!) people will surely think that I am completely ‘she who needs a Thorazine-shuffle’ crazy.  Or worse, an egomaniac. As if! Heaven forbid they might think that I’m just full of shit!!!


Comments, Complaints & Ridicules...

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