The Fury Pt.2

In my early twenties I had my first undeniable ‘supernatural’ experience. That’s when I met the one Elemental that I couldn’t blissfully ignore. I’m talking about a Jinn.

I can honestly state that I hold no commerce with the Elementals. I have not committed that particular crime against God since my first embodiment following the Ascension of our Lord Jesus.

The foremost, ‘original’,  sin occurred when the humans went around the Father in order to obtain what they had not yet rightfully earned: dominion over the ethereal aspect of the elements.

That’s where black magic originated. The resultant dichotomy in the system is what I term ‘miracles (so-called)‘ and ‘elemental magic’. This was the reason that Adam and Eve got the boot.

The Bible does not lie. Unfortunately, however, certain facts have been somewhat altered, if not completely omitted. Just ask your own Heart about this, or the God-Head directly, if you prefer.

In regards to the Elementals, I would rather not use the word ‘demon’. To them it’s slander. If you call a women a bitch she will definitely let you know how deep the bitch can go.

A corrupted Jinn can make the most monstrous human bitch alive appear as little more than a sweetheart gone slightly awry.

However, they are actually no more hateful than the humans. Sad but true. They simply mirror the Hell of our own creation.

Fortunately, most  humans cannot consciously kill you with elemental magic. (Although, my dad a swears that my grandma could…)

The first Jinn I encountered face to face (in this embodiment) despises me with a vengeance unsurpassed. To her I am the demon. And she is right.

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