Always have I been a spiritual bibliophile. When I discovered Amazon and Alibris I was ecstatic.

At last, every book of esoteric spirituality that my foolish heart had ever desired.

The Father constantly, quietly prompted me to cease and desist. Naturally, I was stiff-necked.

“You do not need books. All that you require can be found within. Ask. Seek. Knock. Use the One Eye, my child.”

Well, of course, I know that, Father, but with no TV, or anything else the others do, I need some form of entertainment. Please!

“The Stanzas of Dzyan, The Prince of the House of David, 1001 Arabian Nights, Shakespeare, Blavatsky, and The Lord of the Rings”

The list of quasi-pure worth is shortVery well, Father, very well. But, oh, the weak human self.

“No. No. No.” He whispered as I gave way to further addiction. Only with the Alice Bailey book did He speak loud enough for me to really pay attention.

“Get rid of it! Close that book!” Who knew? God has a shout mode.

But it looks so interesting, Father. The terminology is so similar…

“Get rid of it NOW!” A miracle happened. I listened. I even obeyed. Imagine that.

Nevertheless, I ended up spending thousands on useless books. Books that I always gave away, almost as quickly as they came.

So much corruption and only a smattering of Truth. What a waste. What a fool. What a knave. What a shame.


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