While Hope Yet Remains

How many times have you been warned HaelRazor? How many times must you fall? If that trains comes again while you are on this track, you will not be fortified by the Light. You will not rise again in this embodiment.

Remember how many pieces you were broken into the last time? You mock Victor Frankenstein, yet take a look at your own creation.

Do you really want to face Hell again without the Armor of God? Without the Power that only obedience to the Law can provide?

Be wise, my child. BE WISE. God gives no Grace for selfishness in those who seek forgiveness. You will need My Sword to carry forward the determination of your Call.

Rise from the grave they have prepared for the saints. Rise, I say, ARISE! Prove to the darkened hellraisers that THE LIGHT OF GOD NEVER FAILS!

“The Lord doth make the all things right for those who serve Him well.” Remember, my child, remember. Be humble and never back down.

Never give up, even unto the last breath, you are come here to serve God. There is NO OPPOSITE. Now move forward, and never again give to the beast even one drop of blood.


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