Remember Thee? Aye, Thou Holy Ghost!

I have always thought of Hamlet as the Great Procrastinator. He had one good shot at getting the job done right, and he freaking blew it. Big time. By the end, almost everybody is dead. Including him.

Bravo, Dumbo! Maybe if you had put less energy into dwelling on thyself rather than heeding the words of thy father, you might have had enough energy to find your balls.

You know, miracles do happen…

Sometimes you just have to stop wasting time on bad habits and empty skulls, and FREAKING DO WHAT NEEDS ‘TO BE’ DONE!!!

Now, this is is the really pathetic part…

I have exactly the same problem as Hamlet. Except, that I have a way better excuse for not being able to find my balls. They ran off the deep end-with my brains.

So, now I’m trying to figure out how ‘not to be’ damned. Yo! Macbeth, you’re next! Tis time to cut thy lady’s tongue out, or burn that bitch down to the ground. There ain’t NO bullshit allowed in the Father’s House.

Hold on for their lives, HaelRazor. And remember to never forget…the only fail safe on this ride is DETERMINATION. Obedience is UNEQUIVOCAL. Abide by it, or eat “on the insane root that takes reason prisoner”. Choose.


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