To Be or Not to BE? I AM Already Gone

About four years ago I received an odd revelation. The Presence of God felt as near as I’ve ever known, having come to reveal an unexpected plan of action.

It was something I never would have thought of on my own.

It was around 2 a.m. or so, when it came through so clear and distinct that there was no way I could possibly misunderstand, or forget. I tried to forget, but it just wouldn’t go away.

The subject of the message never seemed to be that important. It was the way it came out-of-the-blue, clear as a bell, and very specific. It must have been relevant.

There is only one other time that I ever experienced such descriptive lucidity in a message from God.

It was 1999-middle of the night. My Presence was telling me to wake up and pay attention~NOW. The high level of clarity in the directive was extraordinary.

It was a warning. The  signal was running full blast. The frequency felt like an air-raid-siren. I was given specific instruction. One very important “DO NOT”.

A few weeks later (hypnotized like a fool) I had blocked it all out. What an idiot! I walked right into ‘their’ scheme.

Amazing, how the human self can be led to believe (or forget) virtually anything. I almost lost my life for not keeping in mind what should have been a pretty good clue of what NOT to do.

It took ten years to rebuild what I lost. Definitely a very bad idea to ignore God’s advice. Unfortunately, it is very common for me to be incredibly foolish at the most crucial of times.

Anyway, back to four years ago…Now, check this out…

God wanted me to do what? A BLOG? Why? What the Hell?!? What for? Is this a joke?

He wanted me to tell my story. (As if anybody gives a shit.) And why would He even care about something so worldly?

And isn’t to blog meant to be social? Are you talkin’ to me-queen of the anti-social loner squad?!?

Hmmm. Well, I do love buying books. So, I guess I could at least buy every blogging book that Amazon can provide.

Now what to write?Oh, I know, how about‘Here Comes Stupid’. No,  wait-I’ve got it!

Extreme Sport Stupidity for Dummies                                         

Wow! That’s my whole life story…Now what?

Actually, I did write one whole page. Offline, of course. It sucked. Shelved the idea. It kept coming back. Knock, knock. “You need to do this”. I know, I know. But Why?

I know the answer to the question. Deep down I have always known. To Be and to Stand. To become the God I AM and make all things right again.

I’ve always been easy going. Can get along with anyone. Been way too nice. For far too long…                          A Tragedy..,

I watched myself slowly die, trying to be everything to everyone. This team player will never  be what others want ever again.

It’s my own fault, yes it is, for breaking the First Commandment. It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of me now. I am already gone.  

God still has a plan for me. I will fulfill that purpose in this lifetime. From now forever to be, above all, true to the call of the One.

For many years now the Grace of God has guarded me well. I have better protection than the President. I kid you not. But why bother to save this wretched piece of shit, if I don’t get it right before the  story is finished?

My Presence and the Great Ones have consistently asked of me just ONE thing

CONTROL THE OUTER SELF.       Obedience to God’s Law is PARAMOUNT.

Oh, yes, obedience is number 1 on my list of catastrophic failures! Obedience to the Law? That would require disciplineO’myOh, no, not that again! 

Before the curtain falls there is but one option left-TO BE OBEDIENT. For once, never again to fall short. I have to finish the job with honor.

NOTHING ELSE MATTERS. I will BE the One Cause. I AM now become the Cosmic Fiery Christ Great Command that sets all Life FREE~That I AM

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